Filmless Printing Features

  • Tremendous cost saving.
  • Convenient and appealing to patient and referring doctors.
  • Report can be included as part of the “magazine” e.g. on page one of the booklet.
  • Colour images including colour 3D can now be printed on paper. This is not possible on film.
  • Inbuilt calibration system allows different settings for different modality machines.
  • The entire booklet “print job” can be backed up for easy retrieval and reprinting.
  • Optional inclusion of CD/DVD containing the entire study. This gives much more information than is possible with film alone.
  • A simple DICOM viewer is included on the CD that will automatically open the studies allowing viewing and manipulation of images. Instant support is provided to CD users with MediSoft support phone number optionally printed on CD/DVD.
  • Paper Printing is environment friendly.