Voice Recognition

Staff working in various departments can dramatically reduce time consumed during clinical documentation and reporting by utilizing the worlds most advanced Voice Recognition engine for medical practice.


  • Covers entire medical field with more than 70 specific specialties. In addition to Radiology reporting, the system can be used in any branch of medicine including within Hospital Information System and Laboratory Information System.
  • Supports virtually all word processors. If you can type in a window, you can dictate in it!
  • Personalized user profiles.
  • Highly intelligent system that continuously learns and adapts to user’s speech leading to 99% word/phrase recognition accuracy within one week of use.
  • Specialized high quality noise cancelling microphone.
  • Control almost every aspect of the computer with voice commands including other desktop applications.
  • Templates previously created by user can be inserted in your text field by simple voice commands e.g “Normal CT Chest” may insert an editable normal report template for a chest CT examination further enhancing efficiency.