Create Report on Handheld Device


Visit on the device and login with your Radweb credentials.


Tap on the desired study to open images.


Tap on Hide series/Show series as needed to toggle series pane visibility.


Default function on handheld device:

Swipe both fingers: change W/L

Pinch: Zoom

Swipe 1 finger: Rotate 3D(VR)

Drag scroll bar: Scroll


You may also Tap on the second button from the top on the left toolbar of viewer to select the desired action (see image below).



To open reporting box, point to the first icon on viewer toolbar and select “Report” option (see image below).



Type your full report in the box labeled “Report”. This is the text that will constitute your report. To allow Radweb to save your report, you might need to type something in the “Result” box too e.g a letter or a number. Text in “Result” box is not visible on main Radweb interface.



Click on Save button to save report.


To view your just saved report or create another report, tap on the “Report” link again.


Report templates are currently not available when reporting on handheld devices.


Tap on the top left button (on the left of highlighted “eye” icon on the image above) to go back to list of studies.