Generate/Export Report Statistics


It is recommended that report statistics are generated from Reports list and not Study manager as Reports list is more accurate.


Where the radiologist is paid per report, it is recommended that the radiologist posts a report for every region reported e.g. if there is one CT chest/abdomen on Study manager, radiologist should preferably do one report for CT chest and a separate report for abdomen, unless agreed otherwise with service center.


Radiologist should also maintain their report lists, deleting any reports that are not legitimate reports.


To generate stats for a given period, filter the list by entering the desired values e.g date range, modality, reporting doctor, institution specific PID prefix.



After entering filters, you will see the total number of reports at the bottom right (8 in the image below).


To export to Excel, click on “Export Excel” button at the top.


Note that only the first page is exported to Excel. If the total number of reports exceeds page size, adjust the “Records per page” value to accommodate all reports on one page for purposes of export to Excel. We suggest you return the “Records per page” value to a smaller number e.g 100 when done with statistics for better system responsiveness.