View Images in 3D -Device/Image Compatibility


Required for 3D processing (MIP/VR):


1. The images must be in “Original” mode. The feature is not available in compressed image mode.




2. The device and browser must be compatible with WebGL 2 API. Most computers manufactured from 2014 should be compatible, though the newer the better. Most modern browsers are compatible. Computer hardware that is not compatible with 3D will not show the options.


3D Compatible

3D Incompatible


If an “incompatible” computer otherwise has decent specs, other functions should be OK and it may be used for reporting. Plain MPR (without thick-slab modes) should also work fine.


3. The computer should have decent hardware specifications, see section on device specifications.


4. If using Windows on a PC that has dedicated graphics hardware, we recommend using Brave browser to fully take advantage of graphics card capabilities.