Speed up Image Download


1. Check your internet speed. Find more about this under the section on internet speed.


2. Computers with very low hardware specifications may slow down general responsiveness including download speed. See the section on device specifications.


3. Open more than one study in multiple tabs. See section on opening multiple studies in different tabs.


4. Select compressed images option for large multi-slice series: Click on the series in viewer and select “Compressed images” option as shown below. Images should download much faster. Only the selected series is affected. You can toggle compressed and original images as necessary.



Note that certain operations cannot be performed on compressed images. Such operations are shown in red text at the bottom of the viewer against every compressed image/slice. However, regular viewing including manual W/L, scroll, MPR are possible.


5. Set default download mode for your account to compressed mode for the relevant modalities: By default, CT and MR are downloaded in original format. To change this, while in viewer, go to settings and proceed to “Modality Default Download mode”.



To make Radweb download CTs in compressed mode by default, remove “CT” from the “Original” box and type it under “Compressed” box. Remember to include a comma between modalities.

Note that even when default mode is set to “Compressed” a user can always select original mode for a given series when viewing e.g., to perform some of the operations that are not possible in Compressed mode.



6. Select or de-select Automatic series download to suite your needs: To do this, go to Settings in Radweb viewer and check or un-check this option.



When “Automatic series loading “ is checked, Radweb will download all series automatically once a study is opened.

If unchecked, Radweb only downloads the first series when study is opened. Other series will be downloaded only when a user clicks on the series from the series pane.


If you make changes in settings, always take note so you may revert if necessary.


We occasionally reset these settings for all users to try address instances where users may have made undesirable changes that they do not remember. If this happens, please repeat the steps.