Working with Reports List


When you first click the Reports list tab, Radweb will display the reports you have access to that were created in the last 7 days. The reports will be, by default, sorted latest on top.


Click on any row on the list to display the report content in the right pane.



Total number of reports based on current filters is shown at bottom right of list. There is a max number of rows that can be displayed at once, currently 3,000.


Unlike Study manager where filters match beginning of value, filters on Reports list will match if the entered value appears anywhere withing the data in database column. Example, “JOHN” will return “JOHN DOE”, “DOE JOHN”, “DOE JOHN PETER”.


Auto-refresh is disabled by default, but may be enabled. When enabled, auto-refresh is automatically paused if returned list is more than 500 reports. You may limit list size with filters e.g., last 3 days, to keep it below the 500 limit.



You may filter or sort by any column: enter the filter in column header.


Default page size is 50. You may show more reports by moving through the pages using arrows at the bottom or increasing records per page value.


We suggest you take some time to explore all the buttons and columns under Reports list, including right-click menu and report preview options. Most buttons have captions and/or tooltips.