Upload Images from a Storage Medium


This section covers situations where images are already saved on a storage medium e.g. local PC drive, CD/DVD, flash, phone.


Studies may be uploaded to Radweb via our pusher app which is usually installed on a local computer. This is different from attaching an image to a study that already exists on Radweb.


We are able to upload DICOM and non-DICOM images from your computer. This may include saving the images into a watched folder or importing into a viewer on your PC then sending to Radweb.


For non-DICOM, the user imports images into our DICOMizer, enters patient details to create new study and pushes to Radweb. Contact us for the setup


Studies should not be uploaded directly into Radweb via Radweb web interface, especially for cloud. Such studies may lack identifiers that will allow the uploader to see them on the platform. Institution specific identifiers are usually added by the pusher app on site when sending to Radweb.