Artefact in MPR


Radweb handles images from many different equipment. There have been reports of artefact when certain types of CT exams (e.g spine) from some equipment are subjected to MPR.



Should you experience such an issue or similar, please report it so we can investigate and fix.


One work-around is to change compression mode for the series. The two modes use different technologies to reconstruct, thus changing compression mode usually fixes the issue for that series.


If artefact happens with original mode, change to compressed mode, wait for all images to be downloaded in the given mode then retry MPR.



Note that in compressed mode, certain features are not accessible. The features are highlighted in red text at the bottom of viewer on each compressed image/slice.


When changing modes, wait for all images to be downloaded in new mode. Scroll to make sure that all the images are now compressed (with red warning at the bottom) or vise-versa before initiating MPR.


Series may be switched between the two modes at will.