Print or Save Report as PDF


Under Reports list tab, find the report and check that the corresponding checkbox under “Signed” column is checked.


Select the report. You will see a preview on the right.


Click on Print button at the top to open print preview.



Proceed to click “Print” button to print or “Save PDF” to save as PDF.



In the print Preview, it is possible to select various report rendering templates to suite your needs e.g. with or without letterhead, with or without QR code etc. To do this, click on the template selector and select the template (see below).



For most users, template no. 1 does well.


Note that:


Letterhead is appended dynamically when generating print preview depending on logged in user’s preset template. It is therefore difficult to set a template for a radiologist who reports for multiple centres. Should a radiologist need to save/share a report, they may select a print template with no letterhead (e.g no.3) in case the radiologist's set letterhead does not match the institution.


Print and save options will be greyed out if report is not signed. Contact radiologist to sign. We discourage report distribution of an unsigned report unless with express permission from reporting entity.


As a radiographer, in case of need to edit something in a report, contact reporting radiologist. Alternatively, for simple typos/formatting, radiographer can save a report as MS Word to edit outside of Radweb. Most times, saving the report as PDF and opening the PDF in MS Word (right-click file and select “Open with”) for editing may give better results than saving in Word because of how the report is rendered in MS Word.