Attach Image/Document to a Study from a Mobile Device


To attache a file from mobile device, find the study on list and check it.


Expand the “Actions” Menu and select “Attach files to study”



Option1: Tap on Camera option to activate camera and take a photo.


Option2: If file is saved somewhere on your device, tap on “Select files” and browse to the files on your device.



Tap on “Attach” button to attach.


File will be attached to study.


In case of a document e.g. PDF, the modality “DOC” will be appended to modality value under modality column on Study manager. For an image, the modality is OT.



The image/document will appear as a new series in the viewer when the parent study is opened, usually as the last series.



For a document, there is an option to open it in new tab for better viewing (see above image). For an image, the attachment can be viewed in the main viewer panel as a series with normal manipulations like W/L, Zoom, Pan.


Note that when sharing a study that has an attached document/photo, Study anonymization may not work as expected because it is not possible to hide information that is on the document/photo.