Add/Edit Study Information Templates


You may save certain templates for re-use e.g., radiologist, referring physician, history etc.


On study manager, right-click on a study and select “Edit patient data”


Add/Edit by making the desired changes in the “Value” column against the relevant row.


Click on the right-pointing arrow shown in the figure below. The value will be added to the templates list.



To re-use the template:


Some templates are visible directly from right-click menu e.g. radiologist, referring doctor. See next section for how to assign.


Open Patient data editor as described above. Click in the value column of the desired property e.g. “History”. Previously saved options for that property will appear under templates column. Double-click on the desired value or select the value and click on the left pointing arrow to populate the “Value" column. Click “Save and close” button at the top left of window.


When Study data is edited, the information is updated across the system. Changes are immediately visible on relevant columns under study manager and on reports.