Creating a Report on PC


Note that report creation permission is not available to all users.


Find your study on Study manager and open (double-click, click “View” button at top left or right-click and select “View”).


The viewer will open under “Viewer” tab.


On viewer toolbar, left of viewing space, click on the second icon from the top.



If you have reporting permission and the study has no existing report, the report window will open:



If there are existing reports, they will be displayed as shown below. Draft and signed reports will have blue and purple background respectively.


Click on an existing report to edit (if you are the author) or click “New report” tile to add a new report.



Proceed to create your report by typing, dictating or copy-pasting text into reporting window. Patient/study info and reporting doctor name will be appended automatically when printing report.


The reporting window is always on top but can be moved, resized or minimized. Some users find it easier to move it to one half of screen and view images on the other half as shown below.



When copy-pasting from certain apps, the formatting might not work perfectly with Radweb. In such a case, you might need to right click in reporting space and select “Paste as plain text” then format further as necessary.



After creating a report, do one of the following:


1. Sign and close to complete report


2. Save and close to save draft


3. Preview to see print preview after which you may sign or re-open editor.



In the course of reporting, Radweb keeps a copy of the current state of report in browser. Should there be an unexpected interruption, e.g. loss of internet or power on your PC, Radweb server reset etc., your report is still safe. Just login to Radweb, open the study and initiate reporting. Radweb will offer to recover the report.