Download Studies under Study Manager


This might be useful for users who would like to import DICOM images into a different PACS or specialized applications like for oncology, orthopedics, dentistry etc.


It will also allow users to open images in Radweb viewer while offline or share the study via flash, CD.


On study manager, select the study of interest and click on “Download” button. Multiple studies may be selected.


In the window that pops up, check the necessary options:



Anonymize the study: will remove private patient information from study – Be aware that certain modalities like US may have patient information burned into the image and anonymization may not be effective. Attached documents like order forms, previous reports cannot be anonymized in this manner. When “Anonymize” is selected, you may add a friendly name to allow you identify the study.


Add viewer: Includes full Radweb viewer for offline viewing. This may take longer to download especially with large studies.


After selecting the needed options, click on “Download” button.


The study or studies will be downloaded in a single zip archive and saved under your browser’s downloads path. The download will include DICOM files that may be imported into other viewers/PACS. The files may be saved on CD/Flash or shared online.


If “Add viewer” was checked, viewer files will we included for offline viewing. In this case, you will be able to access images by opening index.html file in a browser.



If you are new to this process, open and read the text file “HOW_TO_VIEW_IMAGES” that is included in the download.



When index.htlm file is opened correctly in a browser, you will either see the images right away (in case of one study download) or a list of studies in case more than one study was selected for download. In case of the later, click on one of the studies to open it.



In case of multi-study download, click on “Study list” button in viewer to go back to list of studies from viewer screen.