On-Premise Radweb Installation


On-Premise PACS involves running the PACS software on servers that are physically located at institution’s premises.


Radiology images are sent to the local server as they are acquired. Such studies are immediately accessible across the institution via a browser on devices (computers, phones, tablets) that are connected to the local network.


Preferably, on-premise setup should be paired with Cloud to form a hybrid setup. This allows for much easier access to studies by external users (e.g. reporting radiologists, patients, referring doctors) without connecting to institution network.


In hybrid setup, images and reports are synced between the local and cloud instances in real time. An authorized user may access both systems seamlessly, e.g. a radiologist may report at hospital and continue the reporting from home seamlessly or two radiologists, one at home and the other at hospital report as if on the same database.


On-Premise instance may be of value where there is a combination of the factors below:


    1. Studies are many and heavy;

    2. Most of the studies are reported by radiologists within the hospital premises;

    3. Hospital departments use Radweb as primary method to view patient images;

    4. Internet is quite slow/unreliable.


In these cases, a local installation may provide faster access to images.


There is no limit to longevity of images on local PACS. Storage is upgraded as needed.


For On-Premise setup, we usually require the institution to avail the hardware to host Radweb.