Generate Link and QR Code on PC


Under Study manager, right-click on a study and select “Study link” option.


A print preview box will pop up. From this box, you may:


   1. Print out the slip and give to client instead of or in addition to film/CD.


   2. Save the slip as pdf and share via email/WhatsApp etc.


   3. Right-click on a specific link and copy it to clipboard for sharing.


   4. Scan the QR code with your phone to bring the link to the phone for sharing via WhatsApp, SMS etc.


If you would like to change the format e.g. remove letterhead etc, click on the arrow at top left and select a different template (see below). For generating links (independent of reports), we suggest you use templates that have the work “link” in their name.



The first link is anonymized. No login is required. This is the link associated with QR code. Dicom download is not possible from such a link.


The second link will show patient private information and allow DICOM download but requires valid login credentials. Contact us for the credentials. An existing user should not share their own Radweb credentials with others.


Note that anonymization may not work for attached documents or certain modalities like Ultrasound which have patient information burnt into the image.