Internet Speed


Radweb will try to utilize your bandwidth to deliver images as fast as your internet can allow.


For X-ray/US even relatively low bandwidth should work fine.


For CT/MR, at least 5mbps is suggested. However, download speed for multi-slice series is roughly (directly) proportional to available internet download speed up to about 40-80mbps depending on the file size of each slice. For example, 20mbps will be roughly 4 times faster than 5mbps for CT/MR download.


Image size may vary depending on examination/protocol e.g. HRCTs and certain MR sequences tend to be about twice the size of other regular images, affecting perceived upload and download speed.


Very slow PC may impact your download speeds as well.


Download speeds should be decent from anywhere in the world as long as bandwidth is available.


Downloading images in compressed mode may improve speeds substantially because compressed images are about 6 times smaller than Original images. Default download for cloud (CT/MR) is Original images. Select Compressed option in viewer either for current series or as default mode for all exams(user account specific)  if necessary. When in compressed mode, take note of the red warning text at the bottom of image informing you of the operations that are not possible with compressed images.