Computer Specifications


Radweb is designed to run on any hardware and Operating System. That said, note that:


Some features e.g. 3D and HU may not work properly on computers manufactured before 2013.


Higher computer specifications will improve user experience.


Signs of unsufficient resources include freezing when loading/processing large datasets.


Recommended specifications for CT/MRI viewing if buying a new PC: Intel Core i7 gen10 and above, at least 16GB RAM, SSD storage, 1920x1080 screen resolution.


Users using Radweb for viewing X-ray and Ultrasound will probably be alright with PCs of much lower specs.


In case you have an old PC and not ready to replace, you may improve performance by upgrading memory to at least 16GB or as close as possible. Upgrading hard disk to SSD may be of value especially if your CPU is modern but has the older HDD type of storage.


iOS and Mac users have reported some issues with Safari browser. It might be necessary to use alternative browser e.g. Chrome or Brave.


A dedicated graphics card will improve your experience handling heavy datasets on Radweb, especially 3D. However, we have noticed that some browsers do not use such graphics cards optimally. Brave browser seems to be consistent in utilizing graphics cards on Windows. We suggest you try Brave browser if your PC has a dedicated GPU.